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I wanted a thorough job done-so I chose Wise Cracks.

Mr. & Mrs. Niles June 29, 2016

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I’m 100% satisfied, the job was well done.

Sue Stillwell June 29, 2016

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Wise Cracks were courteous, honest, and sincere.  I also felt their product was best.

Mrs. MacInnes June 29, 2016

We tried everything on our own to repair our basement, and worried every time it rained.  Since hiring Wise Cracks, we don’t worry anymore.  We can’t tell people enough about what an excellent service they provide.

Bob & Wendy Sentineal June 29, 2016

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Since 1991 I have recommended Wise Cracks to my clients, as well as had them do repairs to my own foundation. It is a pleasure doing business with this wise company.

Madeline MacKay June 29, 2016

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It was far less expensive than we had anticipated.

Bob Keith April 8, 2015

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Wise Cracks commitment to quality workmanship guarantees us of a job done right the first time.

Greg Miller - General Contractor April 3, 2015

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They’re efficient, they’re on time and they stop leaks!

Tom MacDonald April 3, 2015