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Over time, cracks in poured concrete occur as the foundation of the home settles and ages.  Once a crack forms the foundation is compromised and may cause significant leakage issues. Wall cracks can form around windows, corners and on any portion of the walls. If left unrepaired significant water can penetrate the home causing flooding, seepage and water damage.

Why Is Foundation Repair Important?

Wise Seal Flexible resin when injected into cracks and holes penetrates through to the outer limits of the wall and into the subgrade (soil), sealing not only the crack but forming an outer barrier.  Wise Seal bonds to both sides of the crack in wet or dry conditions, expanding to create a compression seal.  Curing within minutes, the resin material will flex and stretch, ensuring a bond that will hold tight during your foundation’s natural movements. A Wise Cracks Is A Dry One….. We Guarantee It!

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